Explore the Natural Beauty of Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai lives up to its sobriquet of ‘Rose of the North’. Set in Northern Thailand, it is redolent with culture and spirituality. Inhabited since the early 13th century, Chiang Mai’s history and culture has fascinated many an intrepid tourist and traveler.

One of the main sights in Chiang Mai are the over 300 temples that dot the landscape. They vary from the ancient to modern ones and from temples that are always thronged with worshipful devotees to long-forgotten ruins lost in the jungles. Each Wat or temple has its own unique feature. The Wats’ architecture also differs widely depending on the time it was built and the local population at that point. Many show influence of the local Lanna Thai population. There are also temples which show a Ceylonese influence especially in the deities.

Discover Ancient Secrets

It is around 700 kilometers north of Bangkok. There is excellent road and rail connectivity between the two cities. You can make your way there by rail, air or road. Go around and visit the temples. You can use the bus, the taxi service – Se Lor, The Tuk Tuk for the adventurous or the three-wheeled Saam Lor for a relaxed, languid look around the city.

Chiang Mai has innumerable festivals throughout the year. Before planning your travel, take a look at the event calendar, there’s bound to be something interesting taking place. The festivals range from simple street fairs to the elaborate rituals of the Loi Krathong festival or the Festival of Lights). For the spiritual tourist, the Doi Suthep pilgrimage is particularly awe-inspiring and serene, despite the noise and huge numbers of people. The Chinese New Year festival in mid February is also celebrated with much vim and vigor featuring lion dances, floats and fireworks. Around the same time, many people come to have a traditional Lanna wedding on elephant back at the elephant conservation centre.

On the outskirts of Chiang Mai, you can visit a traditional Hill tribe village and traditional Thai house preserved for posterity, educational and tourist purposes. Nature lovers must visit the Doi Inthanon National Park with its wondrous landscape, gushing waterfalls and the breathtaking view from the tallest mountain in Thailand. The cool mountain air also makes the park a bird watcher’s paradise since it has the largest number of bird species in Thailand.

Chiang Mai has a famous night market which sprawls over several blocks selling products and imported goods of an astonishing variety and the atmosphere is conducive to watching both locals and tourists as they haggle their way to a bargain. The street vendors here sell delicious local food at very reasonable costs. It is also offers the traditional urban Thai attractions of Muay Thai, fantastic shopping and the indulgent massage. These are best relished while enjoying the hospitality of a Chiang Mai hotel.