Luxury For the Single Male Traveler

The Gentleman’s Travel Club (GTC) is a highly exclusive and wholly private online members club, offering complete anonymity for the discerning gentleman to escape the grind of daily working life and to relax in sumptuous surroundings in exotic locations, with like-minded individuals.

“Getting away from it all” is such a well-worn phrase and very few people could ever actually achieve that – until now.

The Gentleman’s Travel Club (GTC) was created after one of the founders became seriously ill, an illness brought on by stress. He realized that he had to escape or die. Whilst recuperating, he asked himself what he really needed in his year, to be able to deal with the stresses and pressures of business life.

He knew it had to be a case of “no-holds-barred-no expense spared”.

After ten years of trial and error during which time he tried, amongst others, monastic retreats, seclusion on a mountain, walking the desert and yoga; none of these gave him the inner relaxation and feeling of absolute well-being he needed.

Then he met an old school friend who invited him to join him and his all female cabin crew on his yacht moored in the Mediterranean. The rest, as they say, is history.

Try to remember the most fantastic holiday you have ever experienced. Think of a hotel, where the service was superb, the cuisine exquisite and the surroundings sumptuous.

Sadly, you are still not within shooting distance of a GTC event.

From the moment you board your flight and take your seat in your own private jet, to the day you leave, feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again; you will enjoy an experience you could not even begin to imagine.

Their aim is to provide for every whim or desire that, you, the hard working businessman needs to unwind and recharge your batteries before launching yourself back into the stress of your normal every day working life.

For one week you can forget the pressures you face in a normal day and retire into a world of relaxation and hedonistic pleasures.

They never cater for more than six members on any complimentary activity; thus ensuring the utmost attention to all your needs and requirements.

When you return home they make sure that it’s with a smile of complete satisfaction – a smile that will last until the next trip and in the knowledge that your details will never be disclosed to anyone outside the GTC office.

You will visit fantastic locations in warm and sunny climes and the islands are secluded, exotic and tropical”.

During your stay you will enjoy haute cuisine, prepared by an internationally acclaimed Chef; the finest wines and Champagnes; remote private beaches and total luxury.

Nightlife in Chiang Mai, Thailand

You will never run out of places to go to and you will surely never get bored because of them. The city maintains its cultural heritage while welcoming a modern lifestyle for the young adults, teenagers, professionals and businessmen. The nightlife in Chiang Mai is lively, fun, enjoyable and entertaining.

Bars and Pubs

Many of the pubs and bars in Chiang Mai are located at the Loi Kroh Road. There are sports bars that offer complimentary boxing viewing for extra fun. There are also beer bars that play music of all kinds, perfect for those who want to relax during a tiring night and spend time with their buddies.

Along the Moon Muang Road are bars where many expats and foreigners hang out. Some of these bars include the 2gether Bar, So Cool, Crank Tavern, Kat Bar, Half Moon Pub, Number One and Dragonfly Bar. Pubs include the Café Souvannaphoum, The Red Lion English Pub, Chiangmai Saloon, The Pub, The Red Lion English Pub, and The Olde Bell: British Pub and Ex-Services Club.

Live Music

Many of the bars that play live music are located at the Charoenrat Roads and along the Mae Ping River. Depending on the kind of music you want, you can try the many venues where they are available. If you like acoustic music, you may try the La Brasserie located at Charoenrat Road. If you enjoy live jazz music, the perfect place is the Chang Jazz Club, also located at the Charoenrat Road. If you fancy a combination of pop, jazz, country and rock music, you may want to try The Good View, which also offers a wide array of Chinese, Thai and western cuisines.


You can find nightclubs in many different parts of Chiang Mai. Located at the Pornping Tower Hotel is “Hot Shots”, where live music is played the whole night. They offer reasonable prices for their drinks and food. They also do not require any cover charges for locals and foreigners. Other nightclubs include Spicy, Discovery, Team Club Martini and Mandalay. These nightclubs offer live music, dance shows and other interesting night activities. Many of these are visited by travelers, expats, and locals as well. Nightclubs are perfect for those who are looking for pretty girls to hang out with or those who simply want to spend the night drinking and having a good time.

Night Bazaars

Those who are busy during the day can do their shopping during the night at the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. This is where most tourists do their shopping because they are able to haggle with the prices and buy goods at lower prices. There are clothes, shoes, bags, handicrafts, antiques, jewelries and many other items that you can find in this bazaar. It is located near many Chiang Mai hotels where tourists stay. This makes it easier for tourists to pay a visit to the bazaar without getting lost or spending much for fare.

Guest Friendly Hotels

If you book a hotel in Chiang Mai, don’t just book any hotel. You need to make sure that you will avoid paying joiner fees- unless you really don’t care. More important though besides the fee, you have to establish whether the hotel will allow you to bring your guest. They probably know she’s a bar-girl. don’t think they are foolish.

So check out this guest friendly hotels Chiang Mai resource list of places you can stay without fees and are bar-girl friendly.

Thank us later 😉

Explore the Natural Beauty of Chiang Mai

If you want to be pampered, enter the world of Chiang Mai hotels and experience legendary Thai hospitality where guests are treated with an unparalleled generosity of spirit.

Chiang Mai lives up to its sobriquet of ‘Rose of the North’. Set in Northern Thailand, it is redolent with culture and spirituality. Inhabited since the early 13th century, Chiang Mai’s history and culture has fascinated many an intrepid tourist and traveler.

One of the main sights in Chiang Mai are the over 300 temples that dot the landscape. They vary from the ancient to modern ones and from temples that are always thronged with worshipful devotees to long-forgotten ruins lost in the jungles. Each Wat or temple has its own unique feature. The Wats’ architecture also differs widely depending on the time it was built and the local population at that point. Many show influence of the local Lanna Thai population. There are also temples which show a Ceylonese influence especially in the deities.

Discover Ancient Secrets

It is around 700 kilometers north of Bangkok. There is excellent road and rail connectivity between the two cities. You can make your way there by rail, air or road. Go around and visit the temples. You can use the bus, the taxi service – Se Lor, The Tuk Tuk for the adventurous or the three-wheeled Saam Lor for a relaxed, languid look around the city.

Chiang Mai has innumerable festivals throughout the year. Before planning your travel, take a look at the event calendar, there’s bound to be something interesting taking place. The festivals range from simple street fairs to the elaborate rituals of the Loi Krathong festival or the Festival of Lights). For the spiritual tourist, the Doi Suthep pilgrimage is particularly awe-inspiring and serene, despite the noise and huge numbers of people. The Chinese New Year festival in mid February is also celebrated with much vim and vigor featuring lion dances, floats and fireworks. Around the same time, many people come to have a traditional Lanna wedding on elephant back at the elephant conservation centre.

On the outskirts of Chiang Mai, you can visit a traditional Hill tribe village and traditional Thai house preserved for posterity, educational and tourist purposes. Nature lovers must visit the Doi Inthanon National Park with its wondrous landscape, gushing waterfalls and the breathtaking view from the tallest mountain in Thailand. The cool mountain air also makes the park a bird watcher’s paradise since it has the largest number of bird species in Thailand.

Chiang Mai has a famous night market which sprawls over several blocks selling products and imported goods of an astonishing variety and the atmosphere is conducive to watching both locals and tourists as they haggle their way to a bargain. The street vendors here sell delicious local food at very reasonable costs. It is also offers the traditional urban Thai attractions of Muay Thai, fantastic shopping and the indulgent massage. These are best relished while enjoying the hospitality of a Chiang Mai hotel.